Set Up Driver w. USB Wire for PBM 8350
1、Connect the printer to the USB port of the POS computer with the USB cable.
3、Double click the downloaded driver icon to start installation.
2、Download the driver from "Download" Page:
4、Click “Run”.
5、Select installation language.
7、Select “I accept the agreement”, then click “Next”.
8、Choose installation lacation, click “Next”.
10、In the window that appears, select system version and printer model.
11、After the selection, click "USB port detection" , if printer connection is correct, it will print out a small piece of paper.
12、Click “Install”.
13、After the installation, the properties window will appears. Click "Print Test Page" to check the printing.
14、Click OK to complete the installation.
15、To view the printer, you can click "device and printer", you can see the "ZJ80" printer.
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