Professional Business Machine Corp.(PBM) were founded in 1998, focused on high-tech manufacture for all kinds of Point of Sale equipments, in New York we set up the direct selling department for whole northern America. We make such products: Industrial controller, Commercial Point of Sale systems, Self-sevice terminal(KIOSK), Automatic Selling Platform, Digital Panels for indoor and outdoor, they all based on Intel and ARM. We also have Touch screens based on capacity, resistence or IR, and Open-Frame unit. These products are widely used on industrial control equipments, Retail, Hospitality, logistics, Transportation, Banks ect.
With over 20 years manufacture experiences, we pay close attention to the development of technology and industry trends, deeply understand of customer needs in different parts of the world, can provide customers with OEM ODM. We provide elegant apperance and practical, safe and convenient, stable quality, advanced technology of a full range of products for the American market.
We have a professional technical support team to provide perfect after-sales service. We have experienced and skilled research/development and manufacturing team to produce satisfaction products according to the needs of customers, increase customer gross operating margin, effectively improve the competitiveness of customers.
Service philosophy
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Our Advantage
Think for Customers — Heart.
Listen to customers — Ears.
Catch up with Hi-Tech — Feet.
One year free replacement and repair
Lifelong maintenance
Goods in USA, Services in Local.
Manufacturers sell directly without middlemen.
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