Set Up PBM 8350 Printer in Lan
1、Connect the PBM-8550 printer to the router LAN port with the network cable.
2、Long press "Feed", turn on switch, print out "SelfTest" page, from which you can see that the default IP of the printer is
3、Open the website on the POS computer and download the 8550 driver and Printer Parameters Setting Tool in the "Download Center"
4、Double click "ZIJIANG Printer Driver Setup v11.3.0.0.exe"
5、Click "Run".
6、Select languige and click "sure".
8、Select"I accept the agreement",then "Next".
9、Choose installation location, click "Next".
11、In the case of antivirus software, select Allow All Actions.
12、Select "Windows 10", printer model "Zijiang 80 Series Printer", start installation.
13、In the property window, you can modify the name of the printer. Click "Port" to enter the port page.
14、The port page has no, click "Add port".
15、In the Printer Port window that appears, click Standard TCP/IP Port, and then click New Port.
17、In the "Printer Name or IP Address" box, enter the default port IP:, and click "Next".
18、The computer starts looking for a printer
18、The computer locates the IP printer and clicks "Next".
19、Now that the driver is installed, click Finish.
20、Close all Windows.
21、By now, the printer is installed. Go and check the printer.
22、Click "Start" > "Device and Printer".
23、You can see the printer installed.You can right-click the printer, select Properties, and click Print Test Page.
24、If you want to change the IP address of the Printer, you can use the downloaded "Printer Paramenters Setting Tool(8350)" to set it.
25、After unzipping, double-click to open the setup tool.
26、Select "Ethernet" in the "Port" drop-down table, and then click "Connection".
27、Modify IP, Submit Mask, Gateway in the table, select "Printer Mode", and you are done.
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